Pelosi Busted Trying to Sneak Abortion Funding into Coronavirus Bill


We all know Democrats will use any opportunity that they to take advantage. This unprecedented Coronavirus is no exception as can be seen by the stunt they just got busted pulling.

As Congress is set to vote on the coronavirus economic relief package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tried to sneak in a loophole that would guarantee federal funding for abortion services.

Senior White House officials discovered the stunt and claimed that Pelosi attempted to lobby for a multitude of provisions in the bill that would include $1 billion to reimburse laboratory claims that would create a precedent of spending on health in a way that circumvents a federal-ban on taxpayer funded abortions.

Via the Daily Caller

“The ban, known as the Hyde Amendment, does not allow clinics or medical centers that perform abortion services to receive federal dollars.

“A new mandatory funding stream that does not have Hyde protections would be unprecedented,” a White House told the Daily Caller. “Under the guise of protecting people, Speaker Pelosi is working to make sure taxpayer dollars are spent covering abortion — which is not only backwards, but goes against historical norms.”

Pelosi’s provision was described as a “slush fund” by another White House official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to the Daily Caller. Another questioned the logic of the House Speaker’s condition: “What the Hyde Amendment and abortion have to do with protecting Americans from coronavirus?”

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy pushed back against the Democrats’ bill Thursday morning, indicating he wanted the legislation re-written within the next 24 to 48 hours. It remains unclear when the coronavirus economic relief package will be brought to the floor of the House for a vote or if the Senate will support it.

President Donald Trump has indicated he would sign any coronavirus relief package that is brought to his desk.”

Do you think it’s despicable that Democrats are using a dangerous illness to try and push their disgusting agenda?

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