Sarah Sanders Reveals Exactly Why Biden Will Lose to Trump


Our favorite former White House press secretary and current Fox News contributor Sarah Huckabee Sanders stopped by the network on Wednesday to give her take on the Democratic primaries and the candidates themselves.

After presidential hopeful Joe Biden took a commanding lead Tuesday evening over Bernie Sanders, many outlets are reporting him to be the presumptive nominee. Here is why Sarah believes that is problematic for the Democrats.

“Anybody that has been paying attention to Joe Biden on the campaign trail, and frankly on the debate stage, knows he’s a terrible candidate. But anybody who has been listening to him state his policy positions knows he’s extremely liberal and would make an even more dangerous and terrible president.”

Then she pointed out all of the things that make up the Joe Biden presidency and how that would go against everything we have accomplished over the past 3 years with President Trump.

Let’s not forget that he has moved so far left – Joe Biden is no moderate. He supports tax-payer funded abortion, free healthcare for illegals, wants to eliminate fracking, supports the green new deal – which would kill millions of jobs … this is not somebody that Democrats can claim is in the middle and is a moderate by any stretch of the imagination.”

This is the Democrats’ worst nightmare. They are going to lose a lot of votes with him as the nominee because there is so much infighting in their party.

Sarah went ahead and just said outright what none of them wanted to hear:

“He is an extreme liberal and he is going to be just as easy for the president to beat as Bernie Sanders.”

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