After Dems Attack Trump’s Town Hall, He Destroys Them – We Have to Hit Back


President Trump participated in a town hall discussion this week with hundreds of Americans who lined up to discuss issues with him and ask him questions.

He discussed the upcoming election and how hard he is fighting for the American people on jobs, immigration, globalism, health care, and the economy.

These town halls are extremely important in election years because these are a way for the President to interact directly with the American people without the buffer of mainstream media in the way.

One businessman at the townhall pointed out that Trump often takes a combative style to leadership and questioned him on its effectiveness. Trump’s answer is one of the reasons we trust him so much.

“When they hit us, we have to hit back. I feel that.”

Trump told the crowd in attendance that he often thinks about “turning the other cheek” instead of fighting back but then remembers his duty to the American people.

“I wouldn’t be sitting here if I turned my cheek. … You can’t turn you’re cheek. We get hit so hard.”

Trump also pointed out that he is constantly under attack from his political opponents and the mainstream media so that he has to fight back in order to get on the same playing field as them and not be written off, as mainstream media likes to do to conservatives in this country.

“We have a media that is, you know, I say to a large extent it’s a part of the Democrat party. It really is. It’s terrible, it’s unfair. I call it fake news, I’ve used that, and people are using it all over the world right now and that’s the way it is.”

Do you agree with Trump fighting back against the Democrats and mainstream media that always want to paint him in a bad light?

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