Trump Taking Huge Measures to Keep Americans Safe From Virus – Dem Still Attacking


President Trump is handling something that most presidents never have to even think about during their presidency and he is handling it all while the Democrats attack him.

Trump has been fighting for Americans’ safety ever since the first whispers of the disease came out of China – even fighting his own agencies from bringing back potentially infected travelers.

Democrats obviously want this virus to spread and make President Trump look bad but he is not concerning himself with petty squabbles when Americans need to be protected at all costs.

Just today it was reported that President Trump personally called labs that are working on. vaccine and told them that they would get all the assistance necessary from the federal government to make the vaccine available as early as possible.

He has also publicly discussed the possibility of limiting travel and banning flights from specific countries in order to contain the virus and prevent its spread.

Democrats need to stop partisan bickering and get in line with this president in order to help this country stay safe and prosperous.

Trump needs our support more than ever at this moment. Does he have your support?

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