NFL Star Rips Obama’s Dismal Record – Tells Trump He’s “First Black President”


Jack Brewer, a former Minnesota Vikings player has officially declared the President Trump is “the first black president”, which is likely to make Obama and his supporters irrationally angry.

Brewer stunned President Trump by saying this at a White House event on Thursday to celebrate Black History Month. Trump hosted a roundtable event where he addressed a group of black civic and religious leaders.

“I gotta say this because it’s black history month: man, you the first black president.”

Brewer is notable for saying this because he has been known in the past to help fundraise for President Obama. The fact that Brewer has now made these statements about the positive things Trump is doing for the black community goes to show that Trump is making waves with minorities in this country. He even made a stunning prediction about the 2020 election.

“Donald Trump will get over 20% of the black vote. That is what’s going to win the election. Why? Because there hasn’t been a Republican to even try to go in and talk to the black community. They don’t go there. They don’t even try. I think he’s trying, finally.”

Brewer appeared on Fox and Friends this week and further explained his views on Trump’s presidency and how he has helped the black community.

“For me, once I saw the policies that President Obama pushed in the back half of his presidency — it left a bad taste in my mouth. And then I really started being awakening [sic] to what was happening with the Democratic Party — making so many promises but then abandoning the community that I worked so hard in. … I said enough was enough, and I really started putting aside what my parents and my grandparents taught me about sticking to the Democratic Party because they were the party for African Americans. You know all that rhetoric sounded good back in the ’60s, but the facts are that the policies just don’t help our families.”

More and more minorities are waking up to the fact that Donald Trump is working for all Americans and that he needs their support.

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