Republican Challenger Intends to Oust Schiff From Position – Vows to Save District


The writing has been on the wall for some time for Rep. Adam Schiff after his failed attempt to impeach President Trump earlier this year. Now it has become official.

A Republican challenger intends to swoop in and oust Schiff from his comfortable position and help by cleaning up his district for the constituents that live there.

Congressional candidate Eric Early just put out a brilliant campaign ad where it shows constituents of Schiff’s district thanking him for his failed impeachment attempt and for ultimately helping re-elect President Trump.

Early, an attorney in Los Angeles, stopped by Fox News to discuss his race against Schiff and how Schiff is making it easier to beat him than he ever thought possible.

“I thanked Adam Schiff for helping President Trump ultimately get reelected to the presidency. President Trump’s approval ratings have never been higher since this impeachment. We can thank, in part, Adam Schiff for that.”

Do you think Eric Early should beat Adam Schiff and make California great again?


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