Melania Receives Incredible University Award Despite Pushback From Liberal Students


First Lady Melania Trump accepted a “Woman of Distinction” award from Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) for her role as a strong woman leader of our country.

Liberal students at the university immediately pushed back on her receiving the award because according to them she does not deserve to be in the same category as other women “who cherish community and family and want to preserve ideals for others.”

Good thing those in charge didn’t listen to those students because we all know our First Lady does carry those qualities and serves as a wonderful role model to women around the world.

“As the first lady of the United States, it is a great honor to serve the people of this incredible country. When we teach our children to cherish our values and care for each other, they are better prepared to carry on Americans’ legacy of compassion, service and patriotism.”

Melania went on to discuss her role in the Be Best initiative over the past two years, which aims to take on issues of cyberbullying and opioid abuse and how children are affected by them.

Via The Hill:

“A spokeswoman for the school told The Hill last month that this year marked the first time the committee tasked with selecting honorees chose a first lady for the Woman of Distinction recognition since the university began the event in 1991. Proceeds from the event, which was sold out, will go toward a scholarship fund for female students.

In announcing the recognition, the school said its “emphasis on encouraging the potential of each person aligns with Mrs. Trump’s platform as First Lady.”

Still, the move sparked pushback from some students and alumni who noted that the award is typically given to two women each year who have been involved in charitable efforts in the local community.

“This award has historically gone to women whose character and impact in Palm Beach has shaped the culture of our home, and I have not been convinced that the first lady’s character or impact here is worthy of that recognition,” said Graysen Boehning, a senior studying biology and zoology at the school.

Boehning told The Hill he went to school officials to voice his concerns shortly after the announcement last month. He said multiple students and “some faculty and staff discussed their opinions openly in the days following the announcement, and those opinions seemed relatively split.”

“While many students were excited that the school was bringing in the first lady of the United States to speak, others felt that her character was not representative of the community of love for people of all backgrounds and beliefs that PBA houses and fosters,” he said.”

It’s a good thing that Palm Beach Atlantic University put aside politics and can see that the First Lady is dedicated to many worthy causes and should be celebrated for that. Do you support her?

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