Trump Trolls Bernie With Hilarious Valentine’s Day E-Cards


Everyone knows President Trump has a wonderful sense of humor and Democrats do not. Trump used that to his advantage today and the results are too funny not to share.

The Twitter handle “Trump War Room”, which is run by President Trump’s 2020 campaign shared several hilarious Valentine’s Day cards that they made which poke fun at 2020 Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

In one of the cards, Bernie is shown flying on a big private jet with the words “My love for you BERNS hotter than the fuel in my private jet.”

Another funny card has Elizabeth Warren standing in front of a pile of money with the words “Roses are red, my selfies are fake, when I raise taxes, it’s your money I’ll take.”

No Democrat was spared from the hilarity. The campaign poked fun at Joe Biden with the words “I’m falling for you faster than my sinking poll numbers.”

Do you think the Democrats will get a laugh out of this? Let us know in the comments!

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