Dems Call for Barr to Resign But He Shows Them Who is Really In Charge


Ever since Democrats failed to convict President Trump in the Senate two weeks ago, they have been tearing their hair out and attacking from all angles.

The latest angle is against Attorney General William Barr after he called for a reduced sentence for Roger Stone, who was convicted of obstructing a congressional inquiry by the House Intelligence Committee into interference in the 2019 election by Russia, lying under oath to investigators, and attempting to block witness testimony.

Barr recommended a reduced sentence of 2 years instead of the 8 years that was recommended by the justice system. Barr’s reasons behind this are that Stone’s crimes were non-violent in nature and non-violent crimes often carry a reduced sentence.

Several high ranking Democrats have accused Barr of corruption and publicly called for his resignation or impeachment from his position as Attorney General of the United States.

Most notably, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has hinted that she may pursue impeachment against Barr – however it was revealed today that she would not be pursuing it because she knows that he was within his rights.

Via Washington Times:

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that Attorney General William P. Barr’s involvement in the Roger Stone case “deeply damaged” the justice system, but nothing he’s done merits impeachment.

Mrs. Pelosi accused Mr. Barr, who she’s called a “rogue” attorney general, of lying to Congress and the public, but she drew the line at taking formal action against him.

“That doesn’t mean that we’re going to spend all of our time going after every lie that the administration henchmen make to the Congress of the United States,” she said.”

This is just another example of Democrats blowing hot air over something that was legal. Can they stop wasting everyone’s time yet?

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