Marco Rubio Reveals Just How Hypocritical the Mainstream Media Is


After President Trump’s incredible State of the Union address last night the leftwing media in this country have been attacking him because they don’t like to see him succeed.

Senator Marco Rubio came out with his theory today on Fox News that the liberal media cannot stand President Trump because he refuses to play their “hypocritical game” with them that other politicians have in the past.

Via Fox News:

“[Trump] just doesn’t care about any of that stuff. And neither do Americans,” Rubio told “Fox & Friends.”

“What we are watching here, and I think people realize this, what’s happened for a long time around here are the rules: You are a Republican, you had to try to impress the media so they would kind of say nice things about you. If you became the Republican nominee, they would shred you – they would call you all types of horrible things.”

Rubio said that Mitt Romney and John McCain were “shredded” by the media, but were still expected to continue going to “the fancy parties” around Washington, D.C. and to “humor the media” in order to gain their approval.

“And then you elect a president who’s not from here and decides I’m not playing this hypocritical game. And they can’t stand it because they’re supposed to be the gatekeepers that decide who gets to run for president and who doesn’t,” Rubio said.

We need to continue to support President Trump and his war against the biased media in this country. Does President Trump have your support?

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