Newt Gingrich Just Slammed Nancy Pelosi For Her Behavior at SOTU


President Trump gave an incredible State of the Union speech last night where he highlighted his challenges as well as his wins during his presidency.

While some Democrats acted like toddlers and decided to boycott his speech, it seemed others were ready to put their differences aside and respect the office of the President – that is until Nancy Pelosi stepped up to the plate.

After President Trump was finished giving his address, while the crowd was clapping and cheering, Nancy took his speech and ripped it up for the TV cameras. This just goes to show how rude this woman is.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich called Nancy out on her behavior on Twitter and reminded the world that her actions were unacceptable. Gingrich ultimately called for her to be formally censured – something that Pelosi likely wouldn’t be very happy about.

“As Speaker of the House for four State of the Unions by a President of the other party I am disgusted and insulted by the viciously partisan action of Nancy Pelosi tearing up the speech. She isn’t clever or cute her childishness insults our American traditions -should be censured.”

Vice President Mike Pence also condemned her actions in a brief appearance on “Fox & Friends.” “I didn’t see her do it; I found out just a few moments later. And I thought it was a new low.”

White House Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway also voiced her disgust at Pelosi’s actions. 

“I think it shows you how petty and peevish and partisan the Democratic Party has come. And for all the people out there who fancy themselves the armchair psychiatrist trying to analyze certain people, they ought to shift their craft over to Nancy Pelosi.”

Do you agree with Gingrich, Pence and Conway on this? Should Nancy Pelosi be formally censured for ripping up Trump’s speech? 

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