Trump Just Banned CNN From SOTU Luncheon – Dems Furious


Everyone in America knows CNN is a fake news organization designed as a mouthpiece for the Democrat party in the U.S.

Ever since President Trump took office in 2016, he has been taking CNN to task several times in order to shed light on this glaring issue with the lying mainstream media. There have been multiple instances where Trump calls CNN reporters out for their bias in front of TV cameras.

Several times throughout her tenure as White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders went toe to toe with Jim Acosta and slammed him for allowing his organization to profit off lies. CNN was even briefly barred from press conferences after Acosta “accidentally” put his hands on a White House staffer trying to grab the microphone from him.

Now, it seems as though President Trump has infuriated the liberals again by barring CNN from his Pre-State of the Union luncheon where the President rubs elbows with TV news anchors.

Via Washington Examiner:

“The off-the-record lunch allows anchors to gain access to the president’s state of mind hours before the televised address to the nation. This year’s State of the Union comes amid a Senate impeachment trial against Trump that has seen partisan division and resentment grow in both chambers of Congress.”

Do you support President Trump setting an example to other news outlets by barring CNN from this luncheon? 

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