Trump Just Shut Liberal NBC Reporter Down, “Less Credible Than CNN”


President Trump held an impromptu press conference today as he walked toward Marine One on the White House Lawn on his way to Kentucky today.

Trump will participate in a fundraiser for Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s reelection campaign. He will also make several other stops while in the state.

During his brief meeting with reporters, they immediately attacked him but he did not let them bully him. He stopped them to remind them of the booming economy in this country as a result of his presidency.

“If you look at my numbers from November 9th to present, the stock market is up over 50%.”

Liberal NBC reporter Peter Alexander, who likes to be rude to Trump, spoke over all the rest of the reporters in attendance and asked Trump about Joe Biden.

Trump immediately waved him off and then said something that will infuriate Alexander for a long time.

“This guy is the most biased reporter – NBC. You know I made a lot of money for NBC with the Apprentice and I used to like them but [now] they are the most biased. Peter … you should be able to ask a question in a better way. You are so obviously biased and that’s why the public has no confidence in the media.”

Trump then immediately called on a different reporter and did not allow Alexander to finish his question. He does not have time for the nonsense that the liberal media tries to throw at him.

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