After Bernie Sanders Tries to Shame Trump, He Gets Brutal Wake Up Call


Frequent Trump critic and failed 2016 presidential nominee Bernie Sanders has been making media headlines this week for trying and failing to shame President Trump.

Sanders, who is a Democratic socialist, frequently talks down on President Trump and the high income earners of the world for what he believes is them not paying their fair share.

“At a time when the top one percent earns more income than the bottom 50 percent, we must ask the wealthiest people in this country to start paying their fair share of taxes… Every segment of our society, including those who have money and power, must contribute and must sacrifice.”

In order to further shame Trump, Sanders voluntarily released 10 years of his tax returns on Tuesday to try and show that he is an honest man of the people. Only, things didn’t entirely go his way.

Despite railing against the wealthy job creators for being stingy with their money, Sanders’ taxes revealed that he doesn’t give very much of his income to charity at all.

He has only once given 4% of his income, but regularly gives between 3% and 2% in any given year – not such the generous fellow he portrays himself to be.

Critics immediately jumped on him for being a hypocrite.

Twitter user Luke Rosiak asked Sanders “is this what they mean by the 1%?”

Another user pointed out “that’s not even ONE PERCENT of his income! He wants to jack up your taxes for welfare but didn’t kick in anything to help the folks he allegedly cares SO much for.”

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