Meghan McCain Just Put Joy Behar in Her Place on Live TV


Liberal host of “The View” Joy Behar, who is also a frequent critic of President Trump got into a tiff with conservative host Meghan McCain on the show last week.

Behar has attacked McCain many times on the show and even went as far as to say that McCain frequently throws hissyfits to get her way.

McCain was obviously done with the shenanigans that Behar tries to continuously pull on their ABC talk show and decided to call her out on it in front of everyone.

The two women were arguing during a segment about President Trump’s immigration policy and the recent resignation of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

Behar was noting that she was happy that Nielsen’s replacement, acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan supports sending aid to Central American countries when McCain interrupted her to point out that it would be crazy to give that much aid to these countries and that several of the show’s most liberal guests don’t even support that.

Behar was furious and said “I’ve listened to you, let me finish.”

McCain then dropped a bombshell on Behar that caught her off guard.

“It’s part of your job to listen to me.”

As Behar narrowed her eyes at McCain, Whoopi Goldberg stepped in and stopped the quarrel. “Here’s what’s not gonna happen today – we’re not gonna do this.”

After that, Behar refused to continue her line of thought about aid to the Central American countries.

It’s high time that someone stood up to her and stopped letting her spout out nonsense that no one agrees with.

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