Mike Huckabee Just Called Out Andrew Cuomo for His Pro-Abortion Policies


Pro-life activists are furious this week after New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed bills this week allowing abortions to be done up until the baby’s due date.

People of faith all over the country took to the media to try and protect these precious lives from the scourge of immortality gripping the nation.

Former Arkansas Governor and ordained Baptist minister stopped by Fox News to give his take on the ridiculous bills that were signed.

“It’s uncivilized behavior. To have a fully developed baby, then take the baby’s life. … We are either going to respect human life or we’re going to go back to the horrible days in our history where some people were more equal than others.”

Huckabee condemned the practice of abortion altogether, especially so late in the pregnancy. He had chilling words for our country.

“God Bless America. God Forgive America.”

Can we get this SHARED 10,000 times and show these governors that we do NOT support these bills!

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