Lindsey Graham Just Issued a Chilling Warning to Mueller and His Team


As the Russia investigation drags on with Robert Mueller behind the wheel, many Americans are asking just what oversight there is over this witch hunt and when exactly is it going to end.

With the recent arrest of Roger Stone, where dozens of FBI agents surrounded his home in the early morning hours with only a CNN camera crew on site, it is time for some transparency in this investigation because something is not adding up.

“This [arrest method] seems to be over the top and I don’t know what the message was being sent but I personally didn’t like it. … It seemed to be sending the wrong message that if you cross Mueller look what is going to happen to you.”

Graham then had some harsh words for Mueller that stunned even Hannity.

“Mueller, do your job, but these tactics are unacceptable given the level of threat here.”

Graham is absolutely right. Roger Stone was arrested for allegedly lying to Congress in a hearing in 2018. Why would a non-dangerous criminal warrant such a large FBI presence in order to arrest him?

Hannity then went through how many Democrats are on Mueller’s team and how in the past, he has made errors in investigations that cost people their careers. Graham then dropped one final hammer on Mueller.

“If they are sending a message, then I’m sending a message to them: You are accountable to the Congress and we are going to find out what you are doing. … They better answer my letter.”

This investigation has gone on for far too long and cost too much taxpayer money. Can we SHARE this all over and tell Congress to end this witch hunt now!

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