Sarah Sanders Shuts Down Reporters Trying to Bully Her at Press Briefing


White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held her first official press briefing of 2019 yesterday.

After constantly being bullied and lied about by the press, Sarah was told by President Trump to take a short break from the press briefings until the reporters could learn to behave themselves better.

Unfortunately, the reporters did not learn but Sarah still dutifully held the press briefing that she came out to do.

The theme of the day was Roger Stone and Wikileaks, with reporters asking the same questions over and over.

“Marco Rubio said over the weekend that working with Wikileaks should be considered a crime. Does the president agree?”

The reporter that asked this question was trying to imply that President Trump or his campaign had contact with Wikileaks. Sarah had a response ready that left every reporters’ jaw on the floor.

“Look, I think every single outlet that you all represent looked for and searched for information that Wikileaks was providing and reporting on it. So I think there is a responsibility by members of the media. I’m not aware of anybody [in the White House] ever working with Wikileaks in any capacity but I do know that every individual that represents a media organization here looked for that information. … So I think you’re just as accountable as anybody else in that.”

If these journalists want to attack anyone that had contact with Wikileaks, then they should realize they are actually attacking themselves.

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