Sarah Sanders Stunned After US Soldier Opens Up to Her About Trump’s Impact on Him


On Wednesday evening, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump arrived at an air base near Baghdad, Iraq to give US troops the Christmas gift of a lifetime. The trip was not announced to the troops, so many were completely shocked to see their Commander in Chief appear in the dining hall of the Al Asad Air Base.

President Trump also received quite a stunning surprise when a US soldier approached him during the visit and shared with him the reason for his service to his country. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders actually witnessed the incredible moment and felt compelled to document it – since it had such a big impact on her.

“Powerful moment – Member of United States Army told the President he came back into the military because of him. And President Trump responded, ‘And I am here because of you,'” read Sanders tweet. “I met him after and he gave me the patch from his arm. Incredible.” 

Trump and Melania’s visit lasted nearly three hours, during which time they both posed for selfies and personally thanked each  of the troops for their service. 

It was reported that Trump had had a few concerns about the trip prior to departure. He told reporters:

“I had concerns about the institution of the presidency. Not for myself personally. I had concerns for the first lady, I will tell you. But if you would have seen what we had to go through in the darkened plane with all the windows closed with no light anywhere … pitch-black. I’ve been on many airplanes. All types and shapes and sizes … So did I have a concern? Yes, I had a concern.”

Despite the security concerns, President Trump bravely took the time to visit the US soldiers, and clearly made a big impact on each of them.

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