Kellyanne Conway Just Dealt the Final Blow to Schumer For Blocking Trump’s Border Wall


White House counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway stopped to talk to a throng of eager reporters outside the White House this morning.

The frigid temperatures did not keep her from bringing the heat on the Democrats who are determined to obstruct President Trump no matter what.

The reporters immediately asked her to comment on the fight in Congress to fund the border wall.

“People in this country have a right to expect their government to protect the southern border. … We just have to have an immigration policy that works. Congress has failed to do its job. … Folks this is everybody’s business. This has to be a non-partisan issue. It’s about border security. We are a sovereign nation that needs physical borders.”

“That doesn’t mean the president is backing down from an essential promise, not a campaign promise, a promise as the President of the United States and our Commander in Chief, to keep us safe.”

The reporters then asked her about President Trump’s promise that Mexico would be paying for the wall, yet asking for $5 billion to fund it from U.S. taxpayers.

She dropped a truth that none of them wanted to hear.

“Our heroin misuse crisis in this country alone costs roughly 50 times what the border security would cost. So we need to do this.”

She also noted that President Trump intends to recuperate border wall funds from Mexico via the USMCA Agreement.

Ultimately she called Democrats out for being hypocrites in one jaw dropping sentence.

“The Democrats … really should do some soul searching and say ‘what have I voted for before? What is different now?’ The only thing I can see that is different now … is that the crisis at the border has gotten worse.”

This is the reason we elected President Trump in 2016, to protect America and put America first.

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