Reporter Thinks He Can Trip Sarah Huckabee Sanders Up But She Instantly Proves Him Wrong


Our favorite White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee was back yesterday with a press briefing just before the holiday break.

Reporters were eager to jump in and make their headlines in the short time that she was at the podium answering questions.

The main theme of the day was the potential government shutdown staring December 21st over the border wall funding that the Democrats are refusing to give to President Trump.

The other theme was the upcoming sentencing of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI.

One reporter claimed he was present at the Flynn hearing that same day and that he found Sarah’s comments of Flynn being ambushed by the FBI inappropriate. Then he tried to trip her up and make her look bad on TV.

“Sarah I was in the courthouse the last hour with Judge Emmet Sullivan who basically said he was disgusted by Michael Flynn’s crimes. He said that he had disdain for Flynn. Flynn said he knew it was illegal to lie to the FBI and he was ready to accept responsibility. … Given that, are you in a position now or would you like to revisit your comments earlier today that the FBI ambushed Flynn?”

Sarah immediately set him straight and left his jaw on the floor.

“No. We still firmly believe [that]. The thing that may have taken place, again, that is for the judge to make that determination whether he engaged in something inappropriate. What we do know that was inappropriate by his own admittance of James Comey is that the FBI broke Stanley Protocol in the way that they came in and ambushed General Flynn and the way that they questioned him and in the way that they encouraged him not to have the White House Counsel’s office present. And we know that because James Comey told us that and he said that the reason that they did it was because … it was the Trump administration and they thought they could get away with it. Those are facts, and certainly … we don’t have any reason to want to walk that back.”

Sarah absolutely will not put up with lying and bullying from the mainstream media in her briefing room and it shows in every question she answers truthfully and confidently.

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