Mike Huckabee Just Exposed Nancy Pelosi’s Dirty Secret About Funding the Border Wall


Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee gave an opening monologue on his show, “Huckabee”, this week where he tore into Democrat Nancy Pelosi about her hypocrisy regarding border security.

Huckabee started the show reminding Americans of all the security measures we take and are subjected to that keep us safe on a daily basis.

“If you go to a courthouse or a public building, you accept that you are going to go through a magnetometer and open your handbag. So here is the question – why do you do that? To be safe. So why would anyone think that our borders shouldn’t have a solid screening process to know who is coming in; why they are coming in, where they plan to go, what they plan to do when they get here. And if they have a criminal record … shouldn’t we want to know that?”

He pointed out that several years ago, Democrats and Republicans agreed that our border needed to be secure and asked what has changed so that Democrats now seem to want illegal aliens pouring over our border without any checks and balances.

Then he went directly after Nancy Pelosi for being a blatant hypocrite on this subject.

“By the way, Nancy Pelosi now says that a border wall is immoral – immoral, yes! Oh, by the way, she’s got a massive wall around her own palatial compound in San Francisco and I wonder if she thinks her wall is immoral? Or, I wonder if she would stand by, smile, and make sandwiches should several thousand people decide to climb over her wall to help themselves to the food in her kitchen and maybe take a swim in her pool.”

This is a point that never gets made by the liberal media. Democrats are always fine with something until it actually affects them personally. Then they change their tune.

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