Mike Pence Makes Bold Move to Make Sure Jeff Flake Knows He Won’t Be Missed


Earlier this year, retiring Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona said he would obstruct President Trump’s judicial nominees going forward until the Senate approves a bill that will prevent the special counsel from being fired.

“You use what leverage you have. This is a priority now.”

The threat is completely empty and ridiculous because, as several Republican Senators have pointed out, there is no way that President Trump would fire Robert Mueller.

Today, Vice President Mike Pence infuriated Flake by casting the tie breaking Senate vote to confirm Jonathan Kobes as a judge on the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Flake had refused to confirm him and joined in with the Democrats opposing the nomination.

This is the first time Pence has had to step in and break a tie on a confirmation vote for a Trump judicial nominee but will not likely be the last.

Kobes is the 30th appeals judge pick that Republicans have confirmed and will be in place for years to come in order to fight in honoring our Constitution.

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