Barron Trump Got the Ultimate Christmas Gift This Year


The annual White House Christmas Party took place on Sunday night, and Barron Trump was all smiles. Usually Barron does not attend public events, but on Sunday he got a special Christmas surprise from his parents. 

President Trump and Melania arranged to have the famous English soccer player, Wayne Rooney, attend Sunday’s event. Rooney gladly accepted the invite and brought along his wife Coleen and their four sons. 

Rooney has always been a hero to Barron who loves soccer, and even played on DC United’s youth soccer leagues. Barron had the opportunity to take photos with Rooney and his family.

Sources say that the Roony family was overjoyed to receive the personal invite from Trump himself. They said it was an offer they could not refuse, and ‘an extra special welcome to Washington for them. It’s an experience none of them will ever forget.’ 

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner also attended the special event and brought their children to meet the soccer star as well. It was a great night for the entire Trump family!

Trump and Melania both know Barron’s passion for soccer, so this was truly the perfect thing to surprise their son for Christmas. President Trump even expressed interest in making it a tradition to have a special invited guest each year for the White House Christmas Party.

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