Jeb Bush Thanks Trump & Melania for Their Kindness to Entire Bush Family


During the Wall Street Journal CEO Council’s annual meeting on Tuesday, Jeb Bush publicly commented on the selfless generosity that both President Trump and First Lady Melania have shown the whole Bush family.

“The president and the first lady have been very gracious. I think it’s been great.”

Jeb Bush goes on to talk about how the Trump family has been “really gracious” throughout the funeral preparations. Even when President Trump called to pay his respects, Bush asserts that he “couldn’t have been nicer.”

This is the man our President is. He is able to put aside different beliefs and prior conflicts to show his selfless generosity to others. Trump is truly a role model to all Americans.

Many have been criticizing Trump for not giving the eulogy during George H.W. Bush’s funeral on Wednesday, as it is tradition for the US President to give the eulogy. However, Jeb addressed this as well:

“What people want to talk about is: Well why isn’t the president giving the eulogy? And it’s because we have a unique circumstance here. My brother was president. It’s like, I’m sorry. First dibs, as we used to say. I don’t know how to explain it other than that.”

Jeb ends by saying: “This is a time to celebrate George H.W. Bush, not to grieve his loss, and that’s what we’re doing as a family right now.” 


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